My New Favourite Store: Stradivarius Haul

I think I have found my new favourite shop! One that has a great selection of clothing! I recently stumbled across it when I went to Westfield Stratford, after a very unsuccessul trip to the new Missguided Flagship Store (I don’t think I’ve ever felt so old, afterall it was filled with teenage obsessed girls, all pining over every item in there!). I have been to there store before and they always have some nice bits but there was never anything I wanted in my wardrobe until now!

With it being owned by the same company as Zara, it’s no surprise really that it has some really gorgeous pieces in for that transition from Winter to Spring.

Read below to see what I picked up:


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London Fashion Week Favourites

Now that LFW has finished it’s now time to move on to Milan, but before we do I have decided to put all my favourites into a blog post.

I was quite disappointed in LFW this year, I don’t think there was enough excitement surrounding it and therefore the collections that debuted didn’t really stand out. However, there were some gorgeous collections.


What an absolutely gorgeous collection by Julien Macdonald! The detail and intricacy is amazing, each dress has it’s own story to tell. The mixture of silver and black through out the collection brings a glamorous yet mysterious side to it. I want every piece of this collection!

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New York Fashion Week Favourites – Part 3

As London Fashion Week begins, here is my final round up of my Fashion Week Favourites at New York Fashion Week. There wasn’t a great amount of shows that stood out this year but my favourite brands have created some great collections for some magnificent trends in the Fall.

Read below to see who were my favourites for the last of New York Fashion Week:


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New York Fashion Week Favourites – Part 2

This part is very late to the series but it’s better late than never! There have been so many lovely collections for next season, it’s exciting to see what trends will be brought to life!

Read below to see who else I’ve been loving in Part 2 of my New York Fashion Week Favourites!


Christian Siriano’s Fall collection is a burnt orange and pink combination dream! He made a statement on the runway not just with his “people are people” slogan tee but by using plus size models (I really hate that saying) and good on him! It just goes to show that every girl no matter your size can really rock whatever they like!

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New York Fashion Week Favourites – Part 1

It’s that time of year once again and my favourite blog series to write has returned. Even though I may not be working in fashion at the moment, I still enjoy viewing all the different shows to see what the new season will bring.

Read below to who were my top picks from New York Fashion Week:


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January Favourites

I haven’t done one of these posts in a long time! Mainly because so much has happened that I didn’t feel inspired to write a good enough post and mainly because towards the end of last year there weren’t that many things I was loving!

Never-less, I feel that a favorite’s post is a great way to get back into the swing of blogging again and I have a lot more things I have been loving!

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The Old School Jumper 

The old school vintage inspired american trend is hot right now and combine it with the 90’s comeback of the chokers and hoops, it’s the people are rocking right now. I picked up a great jumper online and rocked it with a dark lip to give it a vampy winter vibe.

Read below the too see where I picked up this jumper and how I dressed it down for the casual everyday look suitable for work or a day trip with the girls.

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