My Hair Routine: Percy & Reed

Having dyed my hair many many times over the years, and put a lot of heat to it with straighteners, it’s no surprise that it’s not like it was when I was a kid. I think it’s mainly from the over-straightening of my curly hair as a teenager, one that I have come to massively regret and when I have a daughter I will make sure she doesn’t touch her hair!

But having straightened it so much it’s become a bit flat. Well that was until I discovered the Percy & Reed volumising range. It’s the perfect range to give you that salon finish byt leaving your hair silky, volumized and ready to take on the world before you.


I only recently starting using the Percy & Reed Volumising Shampoo (£14.00), far right, and the Percy & Reed Volumising Conditioner (£16.00), right,  after being gifted them and I do have to say it leaves my hair feeling really silky and soft and that’s even after a few days of washing it.

After I have washed it with the shampoo and conditioner, and once my hair is towel dried, I run the Percy & Reed Wonder Balm (£18.00), far left, through it with my fingers just combing it through a fluffing it up and the same time. I often use the balm once I have finished styling my hair as well to tame any fly away’s and to soften the ends of my hair. Afterwards I apply the Percy & Reed Volumising Mousse (£12.00), left, and this volumising mousse does exactly what it says! I place about a golf ball size into my hand and then run a comb through the mouse before running that comb through my hair.

These products have really worked wonders for my hair, helping me to recreate that salon finish, whilst giving me that bit of extra volume and thickness, goodbye thin and limp hair!

The only product that I don’t use half as much as the rest of the collection is the Percy & Reed Session Hold Hairspray (£1400), middle, but when I do it’s mainly when I do my hair for big nights out. It locks the style into my hair without leaving it looking dry or like you have sprayed the whole can on your head!







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