My New Favourite Store: Stradivarius Haul

I think I have found my new favourite shop! One that has a great selection of clothing! I recently stumbled across it when I went to Westfield Stratford, after a very unsuccessul trip to the new Missguided Flagship Store (I don’t think I’ve ever felt so old, afterall it was filled with teenage obsessed girls, all pining over every item in there!). I have been to there store before and they always have some nice bits but there was never anything I wanted in my wardrobe until now!

With it being owned by the same company as Zara, it’s no surprise really that it has some really gorgeous pieces in for that transition from Winter to Spring.

Read below to see what I picked up:



Flared Sleeve Jumper £19.99 (L) – I have developed a love of sleeve details recently and I just love the bell sleeve on this white jumper! You can pair this with jeans and over the knee boots for an ultra chic blogger worthy day time look, or wear it to dinner with a black mini skirt and ankle sock boots. It’s short in the length, which for me can sometimes cause annoyances, but it’s still long enough to wear with both high and midrise jeans.

Poplin Lace Up Shirt £25.99 (R) – Again this is another one that I fell in love with, not just the sleeve detail but the lace up feature as well. It’s the perfect shirt to wear to work, whether your in an office or on a shop floor, you can still make this look really professional. I plan to pair it with navy blue skinny’s and heeled ankle boots, and it’s a great look that doesn’t look like your over doing it, as the shirt speaks the volume for you, but in a good way.


Guns’N’Roses Tour T-shirt £17.99 (L) & Rolling Stones T-Shirt £17.99 (R) – I think this is a trend that’s not going anywhere anytime soon. The classic rock band tee. I love these one’s picked up from Stradivarius, their simple enough to dress up and to wear casual, with the feature of tour dates written on the back on the Guns’N’Roses one and the worn in detail on the Rolling Stones one. The prints have been written in a worn style to give it that vintage feel. Pair them with a leather mini skirt or a leather jeans to give it a real rock vibe.

What new store have you been loving recently? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time!






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