I’m gonna throw this post back a couple of months to when I was in the States at the beginning of June. I visited Disney World along with my family for my sister’s 21st and when I last visited Walt Disney World, Downtown Disney was under major construction. Now this time around the area has now been renamed to Disney Springs. The new makeover offers more choice not just in restaurants but also shops.



They have created it’s own little world while still keeping the original elements to it, by simply expanding and I have to say it looks great! You have entertainment for the evening and you have the ability to relax during the day by shopping, if you didn’t want to spend the day at the parks!












They have created a whole new complex with sweet shops that still capture the Disney vibe, with Candy Cauldron a take on Snow White and the Evil Queen, and the fully packed Star Wars shop. Also keeping many of the original restaurants with Rainforest Cafe, T-Rex and although it is currently undergoing a revamp; Planet Hollywood.

Disney Springs has also created a whole new complex that has been added onto the original Downton Disney and I have to admit I love it! It has a whole new shopping experience to the restaurant and entertainment side. It has now got stores like MAC, Sephora, Zara and Kate Spade. Which is great especially if you are staying within the Disney complex itself.

It has an old town vibe to it with the structure of the buildings and the palm trees. It had only opened a few days before we arrived and there were a few shops that were still closed but honestly its a great little shopping, eating and entertainment complex.

If you are planning on hitting Disney World anytime soon, then definitely hit the new and improved Disney Springs! I honestly can’t wait to go back, Disney World is my home away from home.



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