Now I’m sure many of you have seen the cliche blogger looks on Instagram, of pretty much the majority of fashion bloggers clutching onto the gorgeous bag with a loop that Chloe have launched as their ‘IT’ bag! Do you remember the days when they launched that bag with the giant lock on it, that caused everyone to want?! It’s like history repeating itself. But this time this bag is ten times more deluxe!

I love a good designer handbag, but with sometimes they can be a little expensive, it can be a little bit hard to place them in your budget. That’s why I have started to love a good dupe! And that’s why I thank MISSGUIDED for bringing out this bag! (BOUGHT HERE)

MISSGUIDED’s new collection of bags are great but it’s the Thread Through Loop Bag that caught my eye. After they posted it to their Instagram feed, I felt the need to immediately investigate it! And that’s when I knew exactly what it reminded me of, the ever so popular Chloe bag!

I just knew I needed it in my bag collection!

You have the ability to wear it two ways; either as a clutch bag or an over the shoulder bag. The chain is detachable and great for wearing it however you like! Great for day time and evening!

Have you spotted any good dupes lately? Let me know in the comments what you favourite ones are!

Serena x




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