πŸ’‹ Kylie Lip Kit πŸ’‹

Β The lip kit that everyone is talking about, the Kylie Lip Kit. THE Kylie lip kit that was created by an 18 year old who’s sister is the third most followed on Instagram. I finally managed to get my hands on one! It wasn’t the initial colour I was after I was lusting over Mary Jo K more but any shade of Red needs to be in my make up trunk!

First of all I LOVE the packaging that it comes in. Kylie has managed to keep the aesthetic of her dripping liquid the whole way through from the delivery box to the bottle of lipstick. Kylie, I applaud you for that not many companies care to think of the little details, makes you excited for the package before you open it up.

I did manage to get my hands on one of the colour’s that she newly released, that was ’22’. I was quite suprised at the name of this seeing as she adds K on to the end of the other names, but I find it really sweet that she has named them after people close to her, Koko K after Khloe, Mary Jo K after her grandmother and the newest one Kourt K after Kourtney. I wonder when and if she will name one after Kim and Kendall, especially seeing Kim has a lipstick named after her in the new range by Charlotte Tilbury and Kendall has helped to create a new range for Estee Lauder!

I love the colour of this one as it’s an orange-red but when I first saw it, it was a little darker than I originally anticipated, so I was a little disappointed until I tried it on. It’s definitely a great colour for summer, as who doesn’t love a brighter colour in the summer?!

The lip liner pencil is SO soft and velvety that it just glides on to you lips giving you the perfect pout. This pencil gives you the perfect outline! It bounces along the outer line of your lip giving you that fuller pout.

As for the lip matte, it goes on like a lipgloss and dries completely matte! It’s the perfect combination going on without any issues! Well done Kylie, you’ve managed to create the perfect formula for a liquid matte lipstick, that not only looks great on but smells really really nice.

I wasn’t completely sold on the colour at first but once it dries it becomes this orangey-red colour which I adore!!

Now if you think “are they worth the hype?” I well and truly believe they are! It’s a matte lipstick that does not dry out your lips like some others do!

If you can get hold of them than definitely buy them!

Serena x


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