✏️ Stationery Haul: Kate Spade ✏️

Now I this isn’t really fashion or beauty related but here’s a little unknown fact about me and it’s the fact that I love stationary! Anything to make my desk look exciting and get those old tatty notebooks away from me, everything has to be new and fresh! And that is exactly what I did when I started my new job. Working for the family business in a new office meant that I could get my hands on whatever stationary I pleased and there was one brand that I had been lusting over. It was Kate Spade. Not only does Kate Spade do gorgeous accessories, but her stationary is really really pretty. I love all the rose gold elements, and it fits in perfectly with my love of all things rose gold at the moment! Here are some of the things that I picked up from Kate Spade:


Kate Spade Acrylic Stapler – (£24.00) This stapler is a little different with it’s clear outer shell. The touch of gold makes it a little different as well. A tad sophisticated for a stapler, but it’s sits pretty on my desk!

Kate Spade ‘Well Composed’ Pen Set – (£18.00) I picked up this pen set purely for the sassy comment that is written on each pen. Because who doesn’t write things with a little bit of sass! Plus they add a bit of colour to your pen pot!

Kate Spade ‘Dot The I’s’ Pencil Set – (£22.95) This is such a fun pencil set! The colour’s and stripe’s are something a little different and are great for brightening up any desk.

Kate Spade Sticky Note Set – (£14.00) This was such a cute sticky note set, too cute to pass up on! The use of different little features on each of the post it notes makes them fun and more useful for important things. The way each one has different little sketches can help to categorize pieces of work.

I’ve loved all the pieces I picked up from Kate Spade, she has a great selection of accessories! I can’t wait to use them!

Serena x




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